Buying A House In The UK

Finally after 4 1/2 months we took possession of our little bit of England on the 19th of December. The real estate company were about the last to actually know and I had to chase keys etc, as a last resort I came to the house and Joel was still moving out so he gave me the keys!

We moved in that week, just before Christmas - the bed arrived on the 19th, we moved all our furniture and boxes from the warehouse on the 21st and had the fridge and washing machine also delivered. BT had to have a "what happened to the phone connection" call and it was all go on the day. Boxes every where and we still have a few to go. Now the job of getting settled and Christmas all at the same time, the purchase of all sorts of things you take for granted when you are in your mid forties, pots and pans, vacuum cleaner, toaster, kitchen utensils - we had to buy the lot. It was just like starting your first flat when you left home and went into the big wide world.

Arrrgh! I have been trying to get us a Broadband Internet connection and BT have coc*ed up again. Joel who owned the house had a BB connnection and cancelled it but BT didn't close off the line and we have had every ISP tell us that we already have BB when we don't. Finally after multiple calls someone said "oh, we haven't cancelled the line, it will take another 10+ days to clear" this means Kath still can't work from home and has to travel the 2 hours in and back again from Perivale.